Musician Rehab Avon, CT

Musician Rehab

Are you spending hours practicing?  Are you doing any form of exercise?  Are you experiencing pain or difficulty playing your instrument?  Do you want to do EVERYTHING you can do prevent an injury or recover from one?

Did you know that 9/10 musicians will experience some form of repetitive strain injury during their career? This is no surprise given the long and intense hours spent at your instrument/s, the discipline and concentration needed as well as the highly competitive nature of the business.  Not to mention that no instrument is ergonomically correct for your body. There is not a “standard way” to match your body to your instrument….in order to do your best to prevent injury you need someone who understands the instruments and is trained in body mechanics/human anatomy and ergonomics!!  You must prepare your body physically for the hours you spend at your instrument so you can help prevent injury and continue pursuing your passion.

Our Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal is to educate you and prevent injuries from occurring, and if you do have an injury rehab you as quickly as possible from a holistic perspective and get you back to the practice room, rehearsals and stage!  Your care with us is tailored to your instrument, body, stress level your specific performance demands.

The hours and hours spent at your instrument put you in jeopardy of injuring your tissues, creating muscle imbalances that can last a lifetime.  Make sure you take care of your body and are doing all the right things to continue doing what you love.

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