Patient Testimonials

  • I had been experiencing plantars fasciitis for awhile. So I contacted Cindy Langer. I was so impressed with her attention to my situation and her interest in solving my pain. She gave me some exercises to do at home as well as weekly visits for a month. I feel so much better and I know I have Cindy to thank for that! The office is so inviting and welcoming, too! I highly recommend Hands on Therapy for your physical therapy needs!

    Lisa P.

  • As far as your treatment, it really helped! By the next day, I was pretty much back to normal, which was a first. Thank you so much!

    If my neck or back goes out again, I will contact you forthwith.

    Thanks again.


  • My experience with Hands on Therapy Center far exceeded my expectations. I wrenched by back playing golf and was in a lot of pain and desperate when I called Hands on Therapy Center looking for help. Although it was a Sunday, Cindy met me in the office and gave me a full evaluation in less than an hour after my call. She was able to mobilize the injured area back into place and relieve the pain. She also gave me good instructions as to how to keep my back stable to avoid a recurrence of the displaced disk. I understand that, because I received care so quickly, it is likely that I was able to avoid a prolonged recovery that often occurs after swelling has set in. I am very thankful for the prompt, expert care I received at Hands on Therapy Center. I am also happy to report I played a pain-free round of golf the following weekend!

    Tony R.

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