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How It Works

If you have made it to this page you have already learned a bit about us!  Our goal  for our clinic is getting back to what patient care/health care should really be about…….The Patient, your needs, your time, what you can’t do and what you want to be able to do without dealing with the obstacles, restrictions and games that insurance companies inflict on patients and health care providers.    After years of wishing we could spend more specific time with our patients, getting tired of juggling multiple patients at a time and the desire to treat people in the best way possible that we personally saw fit, we decided to go it on our own, on our own terms and get back to giving people what they need…..time, high quality care, respect, and truly listening to them.  In order to do this we have put our foot down and are not playing the insurance company game…peoples heath is about HEALTH….not red tape, etc.   Therefore, we are an out of network provider with all insurance companies.

So the most important thing that happens when you call us is that we get to know each other a bit.  We want to know what you are having difficulty with, what you have tried that has helped or not, what your goals are?!  It’s more important to us to make sure that we establish a relationship with you to determine if our treatment style and approach is a good fit for you.

So, can you get reimbursed for our services?

The great news is that you can still potentially get reimbursed for our services and it’s simple to find out.

We have created a simple worksheet for you to download to call your insurance provider with specific questions to ask them.  We will provide you with a detailed form to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement purposes if you so wish.

You are also able to use your HSA and FSA’s to pay for our services.

For more information, Contact us today at Avon, CT Center.

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