Cindy Langer, MSPT

Cindy has worked for the past 26 years in the field of physical therapy with a focus on outpatient orthopedics, sports rehab, and aquatic therapy. Cindy has extensive knowledge in manual physical therapy, being trained in IASTM, Cupping, Dry Needling, and various Soft Tissue Massage and Joint Mobilization/Manipulation Techniques. She has been featured in Radio, TV, and Print, speaking on the topics of back pain, aquatic therapy, and ACL rehabilitation. Throughout her career she has presented several classes to patients in how to treat their own backs, pre-natal back care, and instructed other clinicians in the development of their own aquatic therapy program.

Cindy has three active boys who all play soccer; she is actively involved in the local travel soccer program serving as Co-President of the Highlander Soccer Club. She is an avid runner, running several half marathons and two full marathons, the Disney Marathon and the Boston Marathon. Through her many years of training, she has learned even more about the management of soft tissue injury and expediting recovery, to reduce the fear of injury and having confidence in finishing those big races! Cindy also maintains a balance of running with flexibility and strengthening by participating in classes at local yoga, barre and crossfit gyms.

“It is so important to keep active, stay flexible and try to maintain a healthy weight in whatever way you can with the time you have. I want to be around to see my grandchildren and hopefully my great grandchildren, so I will do whatever I need to to help make that happen!”

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