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A Special Message from the owners, Heather and Cindy

Don’t choose us because you “need” physical therapy or occupational therapy or because the doctor told you to go! Choose us because you have things in your life that you love to do, and you either can’t do them, have difficulty doing them or because you just want to stay active for years to come. Choose us because you don’t want to just “rest,” you don’t want to take pain killers or you are trying to avoid surgery.

When you call our office, first we want to know what it is you are having difficulty with, learn a little more about you and then decide together if therapy is the right choice.

Heather and Cindy pride themselves in having a different approach to therapy than is the norm of the healthcare business model these days. Your time is precious and we respect that and want you to have the best experience possible when it comes to your healthcare…..your health is the most important thing!

Health care these days feels like a mill, a revolving door, people feel like they are just a number and wonder if it was really worth their time and money. We ourselves are fed up with the “system”. Insurance companies play all sorts of games with their providers, reimbursement rates continue to decrease and patient premiums just rise alongside higher co-pays and deductibles. This constant decrease in re-imbursement forces insurance based practices to have to see multiple patients per hour in order to make ends meet. We refuse to play that game because we want to focus on you and what is keeping you from being able to participate in your life.

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How A Different Approach Works

Our goal is to work one on one with you and ONLY you while you are in our clinic. We will provide you with the most advanced manual treatments available, educate you in things to do at home and help you get back to life as quickly as possible while respecting your time and financial commitment.

  • We offer a Free Screening/Consultation Service!
  • For physical therapy services-no doctor referral or insurance approval needed!  
  • We don’t triple book patients so there are shorter wait times to get in and more flexible appointment times!
  • We can also travel to you!
Free Resources To Help With Your Pain!

With Hands On Therapy, you get TWO physical therapists with unique specialties all under one roof!

  • Cindy Langer, MSPT

    Manual Physical Therapist

    Cindy has worked for the past 26 years in the field of physical therapy with a focus on outpatient orthopedics, sports rehab, and aquatic therapy. Cindy has extensive knowledge in manual physical therapy, being trained in IASTM, Cupping, Dry Needling, and various Soft Tissue Massage and Joint Mobilization/Manipulation Techniques. She has been featured in Radio, TV, and Print, speaking on the topics of back pain, aquatic therapy, and ACL rehabilitation. Throughout her career she has presented several classes to patients in how to treat their own backs, pre-natal back care, and instructed other clinicians in the development of their own aquatic therapy program.

    Meet Cindy
  • Heather Mogielnicki, OT/L, CHT

    Certified Hand Therapist

    Heather's interest in hand therapy began after she was a patient herself, suffering from injuries caused by over practicing and performing as a professional flutist. This experience sparked her next passion of helping others with injuries to recover. She then went on to obtain a BS in Occupational Therapy from the University of Hartford in 1998 and then spent  17 years working at UCONN Health Center in their Hand Therapy department and Musician’s Clinic.
    She is a member of the American Society of Hand Therapists, has published multiple book reviews for the Journal of Hand Therapy and has co-authored research studies during her time at the health center.

    Meet Heather

Our patient’s success stories


As far as your treatment, it really helped! By the next day, I was pretty much back to normal, which was a first. Thank you so much! If my neck or back goes out again, I will contact you forthwith. Thanks again.


I had been experiencing plantars fasciitis for awhile. So I contacted Cindy Langer. I was so impressed with her attention to my situation and her interest in solving my pain. She gave me some exercises to do at home as well as weekly visits for a month. I feel so much better and I know

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Lisa P.

My experience with Hands on Therapy Center far exceeded my expectations. I wrenched by back playing golf and was in a lot of pain and desperate when I called Hands on Therapy Center looking for help. Although it was a Sunday, Cindy met me in the office and gave me a full evaluation in less

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Tony R.

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